Wisconsin Sports Stickers

The only University of Wisconsin sports sticker pack in the App Store made especially for UW Badger fans and their favorite game day traditions!

Share your UW-Madison school spirit with the Wisconsin Sports Sticker App! Use this sticker pack to have fun and do some creative “trash-texting” with your friends and family while cheering your Wisconsin Badgers to victory!  iOS Stickers can be attached to anything in iMessage including, text, photos, and other stickers!

More Info

These stickers are used in the iMessage app on iPhone or iPad.  The sticker pack currently has over 20 different stickers, with more to come!  There are even some animated stickers!


Your newly downloaded sticker pack will be in the iMessage app drawer. However, If you don’t see the app icon visible in the iMessage app drawer (at the bottom of your iMessage interface), then you just need to add it to your list of active iMessage apps/favorites. This is easily accomplished in the manage iMessage apps menu within iMessage app. Look for the (…) icon at the bottom of your iMessage app (in the app drawer) to manage all of your sticker packs.

View the links below to learn you how to use your sticker packs in iOS Messages.